Friday, April 1, 2016

What I learned from my process

1. Start Your Essays Early! - Senior year is one of the most difficult years in high school, so starting the essay in the summer would free up time to work on your school work. This also gives you more time to edit because the essay is a huge component of your application.

2. Actually Study for the SAT/ACT - Most colleges will heavily look at how you did on the boring, expensive, and time-consuming standardized tests because although most of their applicants went to different schools, this gives them a good indicator of how you are compared to the rest of the student population. You can have a 4.0 GPA and do all the extracurricular in the world, but many colleges will reject your application if your standardized test scores aren't high enough.

3. Try to Visit BEFORE You Apply - This will give you a good feel for the school so you don't waste $100 on the application fee if you don't think you'll fit in. Also, it shows that your interested in the school making them more likely to accept you.